Friday, 5 April 2013

Chess Compositions - Introduction


I am glad to talk to you. Today, in this post, I am going to tell you something interesting. Many players think that by solving tactical puzzles helps them to improve their tactical play or attacking style. I am not saying that they are wrong. It is true that if we solve tactical puzzles, it helps us to improve our tactical play and we can think a lot quickly.

But, that ONLY will NOT help you. You should use your brain. You should give your brain a lot of work. For that, you can solve endings and some COMPOSITIONS. 

Compositions are those puzzles which are composed ( created ) by some person ( normally by masters ). Solving those puzzles are not easy. 

So let me give you such a puzzle now.

White to move and checkmate in 4.

We can simply say that white has two bishops and he can simply win. But, you have to give some work for your brain. I am not saying that when you are a piece up, you should not play simply but give work for your brain. This is just a method of TRAINING.

So here, white has to play and checkmate in 4. Can your brain get it?


1.Bc2 bxc2 2.b3 cxb3 3.Ba3 b2+ 4.Bxb2#

So how is it? Isn't that looking in such a way that your brain gets some work! In this way, you can improve your thinking capacity!

I hope you liked it! Try this method and see whether it helps for your thinking or not!

I will continue this in the next part of this post!

Thank you!

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